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What To Do if Involved in an Accident With a Police Vehicle?

An automobile collision employing a police officer is not the same as a “normal” car accident. A personal injury lawsuit for an automobile collision generally requires an auto insurance policy. However, several government bodies self-insure for accidents in the instance of a police car collision. Because the claims procedure differs from that of most other car accidents, having an expert lawyer and attorney on your side will assist you in receiving the money you should.

The measures to do promptly after a collision are the one thing that all auto accidents have in common, regardless of whether the police car is to blame.

What To Do if Involved in an Accident With a Police Vehicle?

The fault must be assessed in each automobile accident lawsuit. It must be determined if you hit the cops or the cops hit your automobile. This is demonstrated by submitting accident evidence to a courtroom. There may be a lawsuit if the officer’s driving was careless and in violation of the law; but, based on the conditions, there may be an emergency service exception.

However, regardless of who caused the accident and whether or not it will be labeled as an emergency service exception, there are a few things you need to do on the spot that will serve as concrete evidence if you decide to file a case.

  • Check for injuries and, if possible, get a medical examination done
  • Visit a lawyer or an attorney as soon as possible to get legal help
  • Inform your insurance company of any damage that has occurred
  • Collect as much information and evidence as you can from the spot
  • Document the whole accident; this helps in the future
  • Keep your nerves collected, and do not panic

It’s natural to feel terrified when a police officer is involved in a car accident. Understand that neither the policeman engaged in the incident nor the cop who completes the copy of the report determines who is to blame. Based on the facts given, the court determines who is responsible.

Can a Case Be Pursued Against Policemen?

It’s unlikely that police officers will be spared from prosecution. Police cars in New York City, as everywhere else, are frequently covered by government agencies. Regrettably, there is no default “struck by police car liability coverage” that compensates injuries if you are hit by a police car. Because police officers are constitutionally protected, pursuing a compensation claim or a lawsuit against any governmental agency, including police personnel, can be challenging. Nevertheless, if the officer’s conduct were determined to be beyond the range of their work responsibilities, they may be held responsible.

If such a case happens to either you or your loved ones in NYC, we recommend you pay a visit to our car accident attorneys to understand the severity of your case better. They will help you understand whether or not your case is worth pursuing and inform you of the legal timeframe in which actions have to be taken.

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