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NYC Truck Accident Lawyer

New York City Truck Accident Lawyer at NYC Injury Attorneys, P.C.

Truck Accident Lawyer NYC

Truck Accident Lawyer NYCDespite technological advances over the last century, we continue to rely largely on huge commercial vehicles to transport products, resources, and commodities throughout America. The New York City Truck Accident Lawyer at NYC Injury Attorneys, P.C. understand that New York City is no exception. From cargo vans delivering to Manhattan to tractor-trailers transporting their contents from Long Island warehouses, all sorts of heavy trucks are part of the mix of New York City traffic. In New York City, there are a lot of semis and a lot of reasons for semitruck accidents.

Because of our reliance on tractor trailers, everyone on the road is in danger of being involved in a semi-related accident. While the majority of semi-truck drivers are seasoned and skillful, a truck accident can happen in an instant. That single second might lead to a lifetime of misery or despair for a victim or a victim’s family.

Let a knowledgeable personal injury attorney at NYC Injury Attorneys, P.C. help you get the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one has been injured in a tractor-trailer accident. Call today for a free consultation to learn more about how a New York City truck accident lawyer may assist you.

Tractor-trailer Accidents need the advice of an experienced lawyer.

For 18-wheeler accident victims, time is of importance. If you wait too long to file a claim, critical evidence may be lost, reducing your chances of getting reasonable compensation. When you engage NYC Injury Attorneys, P.C. to represent you in a truck accident case, we move quickly to obtain an advantage over defendants and insurance.

How Can We Assist?

In New York, large commercial vehicles are among the most hazardous vehicles on the road. As an outcome, neglecting to exercise sufficient care and caution when driving these vehicles may expose unsuspecting operators to the risk of deadly accidents. We have the necessary knowledge to represent clients in the following sorts of situations at NYC Injury Attorneys, P.C.:

·        Truck Accidents Caused by Drunk or Drugged Drivers

In terms of substance usage, truck drivers are subject to the same, if not stricter, safety standards as other motorists on the road. If these drivers chose to go behind the wheel while inebriated for any reason, they may put themselves and others on the road at grave risk. Unfortunately, collisions between an 18-wheeler and another vehicle in traffic can be fatal, leaving the other driver with serious injuries that may need emergency medical attention.

Driving while inebriated is a severe felony that puts innocent people’s lives in jeopardy. Truck drivers who choose to drive while inebriated should be held accountable for their reckless behavior. Drivers who operate while drunk can be fined harshly, because the potential harm of a tractor trailer accident is considerably greater than that of other automotive accidents.

·        Malfunction / Defect in a Truck- Tractor Trailer Accident

When a massive commercial truck falls down on the road, the driver may not always be able to move quickly enough just to avoid striking some other vehicle. Because 18-wheelers and semis exceed nearly all other vehicles on the road, deaths are common in these incidents. If some other driver is injured as a result of the defective truck component, the manufacturer or designer of the car part may be held liable for the damages.

Our law firm’s objective is to assist and advise you in receiving compensation when you have been injured or harmed as a consequence of a truck incident caused by any of the following things:

Brake Failure – Brake failure puts New York citizens in grave danger of serious harm or death. Brake failures can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor car repair shop maintenance, neglect to maintain brakes, and brakes that have overheated.

Tire Defects – Defective tires on any vehicle can be dangerous, but when an 18-wheeler has defective tires, the risk of a serious accident in New York skyrockets. Because of the sheer size of commercial vehicles, any vehicle failure can result in catastrophic accidents resulting in life-threatening injuries and property damage.

Underride Guards Are Not Enough — Underride guards are needed on all semitrailer vehicles and are standard on most 18-wheelers. Unfortunately, some trucks lack the required safety features to safeguard other vehicles in the case of a collision.

Trailer Failure- Due to the weight and size of vehicles, as well as the goods they transport, when a trailer fails, everyone on the road becomes at risk. Broken hitches, fractured frames, defective trailer support chains, insecure doors, and unsecured trailer ball locks are just a few examples of trailer faults that can lead to deadly scenarios.

Any injuries caused by a fault from a commercial vehicle should not be your responsibility to pay for on your own. Instead, the at-fault vehicle part designer or manufacturer may be liable for your medical expenses, missed earnings, and other losses.

·        Negligence on the part of a trucking firm

Trucking firms are responsible for ensuring the safety of their own drivers and vehicles, which protects others on the road. Due to critical errors made throughout the hiring, training, and scheduling processes, a driver who is incapable of properly driving a vehicle may be placed behind the wheel of a powerful 18-wheeler. In addition, neglecting to properly check and maintain the truck’s fleet of cars might result in dangerous vehicles being on the road. Innocent persons may suffer significant and long-term injury as a result of any of these irresponsible behaviors. Negligent behavior such as the following might lead to an accident:

Inadequate Training / Failure to Train – Proper truck driver training can be the difference between safe driving and a serious truck crash. Long-haul trucking firms are required to train their personnel and ensure that they are capable of handling the circumstances and scenarios that come with the job. Inability to pass a road test, failing to grasp hours of service rules, incorrect training on transportation of specialized products, and failure to train with an experienced expert are some of the most prevalent insufficient training infractions. When drivers are unprepared to operate their commercial vehicles due to a lack of training, catastrophic accidents can occur on the road.

Violations of Hours of Service — Because truck drivers frequently travel great distances across state lines, there are hours of service laws in place to ensure that they get proper rest in between shifts. Unfortunately, tired drivers, some of whom may have been breaching the hours of service restrictions, are to blame for many truck accidents.

Negligent Employing – Before hiring their personnel, trucking businesses must ensure that they are competent and responsible drivers. Unfortunately, some trucking businesses make bad recruiting judgments and choose drivers who have a history of dangerous driving or who are unqualified. If a New York trucking business hires when someone has an expired license, is completely unqualified, has a history of heavy alcohol addiction, or has past driving violations, the company may be held accountable for negligent misrepresentation.

·        Error or Negligence by a Truck Driver

All drivers have a responsibility to perform properly on the road, but those who operate 18-wheelers and semis have an even greater responsibility. Commercial trucks, with their huge size and power, may cause catastrophic accidents if their drivers are careless behind the wheel. Due to the extreme tremendous flow of vehicles in New York, truck driver errors have a far higher risk of causing significant damage. Truck accident victims must pursue legal action against the irresponsible drivers who caused their injuries in order to avoid similar risky behavior in the future.

Truck drivers must be able to safely operate their trucks while adhering to traffic regulations. When working with huge, possibly dangerous machinery, mistakes are unforgivable. Truck drivers who are unable or unwilling to prioritize safety may be held liable for truck accidents caused by the following factors:

  • Driving Aggressively
  • Driving in Severe Weather.
  • Driving a Vehicle with an Overweight Load
  • Turns are not being signaled.

·        Accidents in No-Zone Areas

Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are big vehicles, which make it difficult for truck drivers to see around the mass of their trailers. As a result, these motorists must contend with huge blind spots in four key regions surrounding their automobiles. Although drivers are advised to avoid these “no-zones,” truck drivers must also keep an eye on vehicles entering and exiting these blind spots. The size of the truck and trailer, as well as the kind of mirrors a truck driver employs to view around his or her vehicle, determine the blind spots surrounding a large commercial truck. Most 18-wheelers and semi vehicles, on the other hand, have the following blind spots:

  • A large space just behind the trailer
  • Directly in front of the truck is a little space.
  • The region to the left of the car, right adjacent to and slightly behind the driver’s side.
  • A broad space stretching behind the majority of the passenger’s side, or to the vehicle’s right.

If a truck driver fails to look for other vehicles in certain locations, he or she risks colliding with another driver and causing a catastrophic incident.

·        Accidents involving garbage trucks-Truck Crash

Garbage trucks are among the biggest vehicles on city roadways, and as a result, if they are involved in an accident, they have the potential to cause highly catastrophic accidents. Garbage truck accident victims may require considerable medical care to recuperate from their injuries, and the disaster’s repercussions may leave victims trying to put their lives back together. Garbage trucks are operated by municipalities in most parts of the nation, making it difficult for wounded victims to seek compensation for their injuries.

In New York, municipal garbage collection services are available for residential trash collection, while private garbage collection businesses compete fiercely for commercial waste collection. This implies that the best collectors make the most money, but haste frequently comes at the expense of safety.

NYC Injury Attorneys Is Here to Help- New York City Truck Accident Lawyer

Our attorneys can support you if you have been seriously wounded in a truck accident. Our consultation is free, and you’ll never be forced to pay any money up before if we accept your case. We will handle all associated costs with investigating and defending your case, and we will only be paid a legal fee if you get a settlement or victory.

  • Getting all of the police, accident, and incident reports together
  • Obtaining photos, video recordings, and truck details from the site
  • All hospital and medical records are being requested.
  • Experts in truck operations and accident reconstruction were consulted.
  • Obtaining medical professionals’ opinions
  • Obtaining the at-fault truck driver’s sworn declaration
  • Negotiating with the at-fault truck driver’s insurance company
  • If necessary, preparing your case for a jury trial

New York Laws That May Affect Your Compensation

New York has a no-fault insurance policy. This phrase is sometimes misinterpreted, but it simply means that if you are injured in a vehicle accident, you will be paid for medical bills, missed earnings, and other out-of-pocket expenditures up to a set amount, regardless of responsibility.

However, the no-fault law requires you to prove you were badly wounded in order to get financial compensation for your pain and suffering. NYC Injury Attorneys’ attorneys have decades of expertise showing that our clients have suffered significant injuries under the no-fault statute, which defines a serious injury as:

  • Disfiguration
  • Amputated limbs
  • Broken bones
  • The death of a baby
  • Loss of use of a physical organ, part, function, or system for the rest of one’s life
  • Incapacity for life
  • Death

Many different types of injuries can be classified as severe by the law. This will necessitate a thorough review of your medical and hospital records, as well as contact with medical professionals.

Visit us now for a free case review if you have any concerns regarding New York law or want legal guidance on how to submit a claim after a truck accident.

The experienced truck accident lawyers at NYC Injury Attorneys can frequently increase the proportion of blame attributed to the other motorist by conducting a thorough and professional investigation of your accident, resulting in a larger financial compensation.

Many additional regulations, such as the statute of limitations, which is basically a time restriction by which you must begin legal action, might influence your rights when it comes to bringing a claim. Regardless of how your injury occurred, you only have a certain amount of time to make a claim or launch a lawsuit. If you do not file your claim or lawsuit within that time frame, you may be permanently banned from collecting monetary compensation. Do not put it off any longer. Please contact us right away.

New York City Truck Accident Lawyer

The attorneys at NYC Injury Attorneys, P.C. have achieved positive judgments and settlements for their clients throughout the course of their careers. We enjoy aiding our clients in receiving the recompense to which they are entitled. If you have doubts regarding how to proceed after being in an accident, call today for a free case consultation.


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