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NYC Brain Injury Lawyers

NYC Brain Injury Attorneys

NYC Brain Injury AttorneysNYC Brain Injury AttorneysNYC Brain Injury AttorneysNYC Brain Injury AttorneysNYC Brain Injury AttorneysBrain Injury Attorneys New York City

Did you or your loved ones suffer a traumatic brain injury from an accident? Then you must be aware of the long-term effects of such damages, and living with it is no easy thing. Being a survivor, you might struggle to accomplish basic tasks or fail to maintain relationships. Cerebral trauma has serious effects on your work and everyday activities, hindering your life. Your future heavily relies on the right treatment you receive and how capable you are of paying for it. This is where New York City Brain Injury Lawyers will come to your rescue and help you get what is rightfully yours. You merit maximum compensation for such suffering and pain.

Diagnosing the Brain Injury

Any wound to your cerebellum is a deadly, serious, and exhausting damage occurring from blunt trauma to one’s head. Conventional causes of such damage encompass trucking, automobile or bike accidents, slips, and falls. Some symptoms are:

  • Amnesia
  • Disorientation
  • Amnesia
  • Neurological problems
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of vision
  • Headaches
  • Poor Concentration

The emotional symptoms are:

  • Depression
  • Agitation
  • Appetite changes
  • Irritability

New York City Brain Injury Lawyers

Our qualified attorneys can assist you with this tough time if you suffer skull damages in NYC. Our top-notch lawyers are well aware that no head injuries are a small matter. This is why we will deal with your case with a special and personalized focus right from the beginning. We will work with your medical experts to detect how the damage is affecting your life, the toll it is taking on your health, and most importantly, your future. When you decide to choose our law firm, we will work tirelessly to get you the money you need for moving forward in your life after the accident.

Contact our New York City Brain Injury Lawyers, and we will get you an experienced NYC injury lawyer to handle your matter in the best legal manner.

Why Choose New York City Brain Injury Lawyers from NYC Injury Attorneys P.C?

For a cranial trauma survivor, there is already enough on the plate to handle other exhausting matters. You encounter many hurdles while enduring the aftermath of the accident and need complete focus on treatment and recovery. Also, your family is already overwrought, giving care and comfort. So allow us to take the legal weights off you at this time. You need not have to deal with insurance and suffer through all the paperwork after your brain trauma. You certainly never should have to struggle for the money you rightfully deserve.

At our firm, we understand the issues and difficulties you could face after your grievance. We work with you to give the utmost legal guidance and support you deserve. Our law firm retains experience in representing survivors of cerebral injuries, so we know what we have to do for you. We are aware of all the tactics insurance companies can use to curtail brain damages claims, and we fight with all our might to beat them.

Fully Dedicated Service for You

When you enter our firm and tell us about your situation, we will strive to give you the personalized attention necessary. You will understand why many survivors choose us to be the light in their extremely dark and dreary times.

Free Consultation

We give FREE consultations to our clients. We meet you and discuss your situation, so you give us a call anytime. We are here for you.

No Fee Unless We Win!

And we are confident in our ability to get you your settlement.

We Deal With Insurance Companies

At NYC Injury Attorneys P.C, our attorneys will fight insurance companies if they seek to dismiss the severity of your injuries. We understand that low-impact accidents also cause significant trauma, and we aim to work diligently to substantiate this for you.

Filing the Lawsuit

After filing a brain trauma lawsuit, you will find insurers discrediting your suffering the best they can. Their major objective is to pay you the least amount. Let us battle the insurance companies on your behalf. We know well how to push back and collect the essential evidence to demonstrate the seriousness of your brain damages. We will not back down until you get what you deserve.

Handling the Medical Aspect

Insurers can often claim that your medical testing failed to conclusively declare your damages as TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury). This is very prevalent and hence ends the discussion. However, we will not let that happen for you. Our knowledgeable lawyers counter this misinterpretation forced by insurance adjusters instantly. We believe that as diagnostic testing has advanced extensively, microscopic lesions in your brain and trauma to your neurons are frequently missed in an MRI.

Neurologists solely bank on the medical history of a patient as their clinical articulation while diagnosing brain damages. This is rather common to get a negative MRI but still manifest functional and cognitive impairment in neuropsychological or neurological or testing. Our seasoned attorneys work directly with neurologists to procure evidence of your brain ordeal even if the MRIs and different diagnostic testing prove to be inconclusive.

We Ensure It Is Not Declared Minor: New York City Brain Injury Lawyers

Another issue faced by cerebral damage survivors is the insurance defense attorneys attempting to minimize the breadth of the injuries by declaring that it is minor. Hence, the victim will recover soon and does not warrant any settlement. Many symptoms of brain trauma are small and subtle, like memory loss issues. Nonetheless, after a year, 10-15% of passive brain trauma sufferers do no recover. Some are extra symptomatic right after their wounds. Many suffer from chronic headaches, dizziness, and neck pain.

Our attorneys know how to counter such tactics because we believe that even minor injuries could result in severe and long-term hardship. We know about chronic disabilities suffered by survivors despite being in low-impact accidents.

After your accident, an attorney will help you file the important claims and confront the insurance company’s underhanded tactics. We ensure all survivors can get the money they require to spend on the various damages they suffer and the endless medical expenses that follow.

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