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What Classifies as a Wrongful Death?


The numbers are simply astounding: over 90,000 people die each year as a result of medical negligence exclusively, not to mention the numerous other causes of wrongful death. According to the CDC, motor vehicle fatalities account for roughly 45,343 deaths each year, making them the top cause of death in accidental mishaps.

As a result, 98,000 Americans are expected to die every year as a result of avoidable medical blunders, which are also a source of wrongful death. A catastrophic brain injury can also develop as a result of a rapid collision, a medical error, or other circumstances. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, more than 50,000 individuals die each year as a result of a traumatic brain injury, which is yet another cause of death.

What Classifies as a Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is defined as a death caused by another person’s wrongful behavior. Such deaths can occur as a consequence of reckless activity, such as driving in a risky or careless manner, or as a result of an accident. A wrongful death, which is defined as a death caused by the acts or carelessness of another party, can happen in a variety of ways. There a number of causes which can lead to this.

However, if either you or your loved one is going through this trauma of wrongful death, NYC Wrongful death lawyers will be here to assist you at all stages. There are a number of steps you have to go through to file a lawsuit of wrongful death and win the case. The major of these steps being that you choose a competent attorney to help you with the case. Here, in this article, however, we will be discussing which types of accidents will be classified as wrongful deaths to help you understand a bit clearer.

  1. When a person is intentionally killed, it is labeled as wrongful death. A wrongful death lawsuit may be filed if someone murders someone else on purpose. Murder is committed when someone murders another person on purpose. Wrongful deaths can occur as a consequence of malicious intent, but they can also occur as a result of accidents or irresponsible conduct. Murder is essentially a kind of unjust death.
  2. When there is a case of medical malpractice. When a healthcare professional is careless and a patient is hurt, this is known as medical malpractice. In such situations, wrongful death happens when someone dies as a result of the actions of the doctor’s or other healthcare professionals’ incompetence, recklessness, improper conduct, or failure on the part.
  3. When there is an automobile accident. A wrongful death lawsuit may be filed if a death occurs as a consequence of an automobile accident while investigators discover that the driver who contributed to the accident was irresponsible behind the wheel. Driving while drunk, not observing traffic regulations, and dangerous driving are all examples of driving carelessness. Many distinct reasons including another party’s carelessness might result in a wrongful death vehicle accident. Based on what or who was behind these circumstances, your wrongful death case in a vehicle accident will differ.

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