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The History of New York Pizza

New York is the well-known hub for all your Pizza cravings and satisfaction. New York derived its name for the delicacy in the 1900s from a Napoleon-style pizza. With the perfectly styled debut in the kitchen, it is not an inseparable and indispensable part of culinary and cultural history. Beginning with an Italian immigrant, Gennaro Lombardi, and Antonio Totonno Pero, his employee – the culture of pizza now bases a hustle for competitions, with the sky as the limit.

Pizza – The Brief History Peek

The world of pizza took a toll when the immigrants started selling it from their grocery shops. At its inception, little did he know the Lombardi family’s generational pizza recipe making a name this high! This perfect slice of heaven became popular, making the duo open a pizzeria. A thin crust, a precise spoon of sauce, and enough cheese to make the day. The Napoleon-American blend came with the best pie piece for an individual and ensured no cutleries. Owning to a unique taste from coal oven cooking, it was a worthy introduction to the American crowd. From its start, this piece of an edible and foldable wedge is a hunger and time savior at all times!

The Traditional Formula List

What starts in a place never remains there. If good and acceptable, it flies high to different places in the best form. So did the famous NY pizza!

Meant for a different crowd, the New York pizza had a cultural mix that led to rapid acceptance. The soft, smooth dough was a combination of blending flour, yeast, olive oil, and sugar. The makers knead it until complete and cover it for a few minutes. Further, a sufficient amount was hand spread and tossed for a base. Many say the tap water accounts for the difference, but it could just be the love pour of the chef!

Then comes the tomato relish, full of flavor and seasoning. Unlike the simple 2-ingredient Italian sauce, it offered the opposite taste – canned tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt, and herbs like oregano, red pepper, and more! Once it spread on the base, the need for cheese came in. The low-moisture mozzarella over the fresh slices of cheese and fresh vegetable and meat toppings offered a new taste!

And once done, the burning and baking of the fresh stuff brought the best invention – the NY pizza!

The Current Scenario

The culture of food and delicacy of pizza still runs around in the streets of New York. Now spread across states, it claims to be one of the perfect piece of leisure and satisfaction. Coming in the NY style and the Sicilian type, there are countless competitors growing their name as pizzeria. You can get it in shops, food trucks, and more – a corner in NY hardly misses it! From a $1 slice to a whole box in hundreds, they have it all!

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