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Construction Accident Lawyer New York City

NYC Construction Accident Statistics

Construction workers are considered the backbone of urbanization. This means that they are the core parts of the construction industry. They perform multiple tasks laden with risks like manual labor, operating heavy equipment and machinery, working with hazardous chemicals, and many more. Sufficient safeguards must be implemented at the construction sites by the owners and contractors of the construction sites. Failing to do so may cause severe accidents and injuries, including death. In case you go through a construction site accident, you can contact Construction Accident Attorney New York City to get justice and the best compensation.

Injuries in Construction Sites Accidents

The construction workers must follow specific instructions and protocols to work safely and effectively on the construction sites. However, even if they follow the protocols and instructions religiously, there are still visible chances of getting injured in accidents. In such cases, the workers deserve compensation, medical treatment, and justice. This can be provided if they contact lawyers with expertise in this field. The following types of injuries can happen in construction sites accidents-

  • Falling from a construction building
  • Accidents due to cranes
  • Accidents during forklifting
  • Injuries caused by an elevator shaft
  • Injuries caused by machinery faults and handling
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Leakages of combustible gases
  • Explosions
  • Fire accidents
  • Accidents due to electrocution

Statistics and Analysis

The statistics of construction accidents show a significantly worrying trend. Despite safety laws, construction workers are vulnerable to the dangers of construction sites. These occur mainly due to the following reasons-

  • Untrained Labourers– It has been observed that the number of injuries increases with the rise in construction projects. Due to a lack of skilled laborers, the contractors hire some untrained workers to complete complex projects. They have tight deadlines, and those workers are exposed to multiple accidents due to their lack of skills.
  • Safety Violations– The inspections at construction sites have found severe violations in terms of the safety and security of workers. The violations included a lack of proper protocol, non-guaranteed equipment, and lack of proper protection like masks and helmets.
  • Fall Accidents– They are accountable for nearly a quarter of fatalities in construction accidents. The use of improper ladders leads to falling accidents from heights.

Based on Statistics, Who Is Responsible for Injuries at the Construction Sites?

There are many people involved in the works at the construction sites. The attorneys catch the responsible parties for the cause of the accidents by figuring out the reasons for the accidents by enquiring with the people involved in them. Based on the statistics, the following people are responsible for accidents at construction sites-

  • Owners of the construction site contractors and sub-contractors – They are held responsible if they do not design the plan without prioritizing their safety.
  • Engineers & Architects– They are held responsible if they do not track the progress of the work properly.
  • Representative of the company supplying products and equipment to the construction sites– They are held responsible if the used machinery is found to have a manufacturing fault.

Benefits of Hiring Lawyers To Get Justice and Compensation for the Loss

Hiring a potent and experienced attorney from a reputed law firm will help the victims of the accident to get the following benefits-

  • Mental Peace– The legal work related to construction site accidents is very tedious and hectic. Therefore, a potent lawyer works all the way out to win the case.
  • Legal Knowledge– They have the skill, expertise, and experience to understand the legal process. They help their clients with the appropriate amount of compensation for the damage.
  • Professional Contacts– They have a broad connection network with police, doctors, and detectives to perfectly present the evidence of the injuries and damage caused to the victim. These connections help to build a strong case against the offender parties.


A potent lawyer knows what kind of compensation the worker deserves after an accident. The Construction Accident Attorney New York City conduct a thorough investigation and questioning to determine the exact reason for the accident and provide their client justice. Therefore, hiring a well-qualified lawyer from a good law firm can assist you in winning the legal battle and getting adequate compensation for the losses due to the accident.

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