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NYC Sexual Assault lawyer

Can You Sue Someone for Sexual Assault?


You should know the true meaning of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and rape to understand and assess under which category your case falls. NYC Sexual Assault Attorneys and lawyers will be better able to guide you about the individuality of your case if such traumatic events happen to you in NYC.

Sexual assault occurs when someone purposefully intentionally contacts another person against their permission or when someone tries to coerce or forcibly compels someone to participate in a sexual act beyond their choice. It is a type of sexual violence that involves sexual abuse of children, molestation, rapes, or sexual torture of an individual.

Can You Sue Someone for Sexual Assault?

Survivors of sexual assault and abuse have the standing to appeal to their attackers for compensation and sue them. A civil lawsuit can be filed based on any sort of sex offense. The following are some of the most prevalent behaviors that result in sexual assault lawsuits:

  • Rapes
  • A kid’s sexual assault
  • Scrounging (molestation)
  • Exposed indecently
  • Ride-share operators performing acts of sexual assault
  • Abuse on a patient by a health care professional or a hospital
  • Any other sexual act that is not consented to

It is not required for the accused to have been condemned or even criminally charged beforehand. A plaintiff can bring a lawsuit if they have sustained consequences as an outcome of non-consensual conduct. Sexual assault victims may be eligible for both economic and aggravated damages.

How To File a Sexual Assault Case?

Sexual assault or abuse victims may be hesitant to disclose the incident to authorities. They may be concerned that no one will believe them or that they will be held responsible for the incident.

Filing a sexual assault case may not be as simple as you might have thought it to be. Getting a lawyer or an attorney’s help will help you in the long run. They are highly qualified, and professionals in their field and have the appropriate knowledge of which evidence to provide and what time frame to follow to make your case strong.

Everybody who has been the subject of inappropriate contact or sexual conduct can file a lawsuit for compensation.

All you have to do now is show that you were hurt in some way. Physical injuries are possible but not required. For instance, pain and suffering or mental anguish may be considered actionable injuries, allowing you to sue your assailant for damages.

Why Should I File a Case Against Sexual Assault?

The person who assaulted you should be held completely responsible for their actions and for what they’ve robbed you of. You can do so by initiating a personal injury lawsuit and requesting compensatory damages for healthcare bills, lost income, treatment, and suffering and pain, among other things. The person who has brought you so much grief and suffering should be prosecuted for their actions to prevent this from happening to anybody else.

This is why it is advised to file a lawsuit against the assaulter as soon as possible, preferably with the assistance of a lawyer, to prevent the perpetrator from getting away with such a crime.