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What Can I Do After a Scaffolding Accident?

New York Construction Accident Lawyers

Have you ever been hurt because of a scaffolding accident? As a consequence of your injuries, are you facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and lost salaries?

Our New York Construction Accident Lawyers and scaffolding accident attorneys can answer these and other issues concerning a scaffolding accident lawsuit. To explore your possible rights for receiving compensation for your injuries, visit our law firm to book a free assessment with an experienced lawyer.

Measures To Ensure the Safety of Scaffolds

Accidents involving scaffolding are more prevalent than you may think. Employers that need their employees to utilize scaffolding must ensure that the scaffolding is built and maintained safely. The employer should also give instructions on how to utilize scaffolding safely.

A scaffold, for example, should be able to sustain four times the weight you expect it to carry. All boards should extend between six and 18 inches over the end supports and overlap by at least 12 inches. When performing the above work, overhead protection must be provided, and scaffolding should never be supported by unsecured materials.

To Win Your Case, You Must Prove Three Facts

After you’ve been injured in a scaffolding accident, you’ll need to gather the evidence you’ll need to win your personal injury claim.

There are three main areas where you should focus your efforts to prove your case since these are the most likely to get you the money you need to recuperate from your injuries.

If you know the person in charge of keeping a building site safe, you must establish that they did not fulfill their obligations properly and that their failure to do so resulted in your harm.

After you’ve established culpability, the next stage in obtaining compensation is to demonstrate the extent of your injuries.

Bodily damage, lost pay, and emotional anguish are all possible outcomes of scaffolding accidents.

You should consult with your attorney from a law firm about what kind of evidence you should gather and how this evidence might be used to prove harm in your case.

Scaffold Accidents: Ignorance and Responsibility

As previously stated, carelessness is the most typical cause of action for a scaffold injury claim. The plaintiff must prove the following to establish a negligence claim:

  • That the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care to safeguard her from certain damage
  • That the defendant violated that obligation by engaging in dangerous activities or failing to exercise prudence
  • The victim suffered significant damage as a result of the violation of the duty of care

All three components are necessary. Similarly, a violation of a duty of care must cause harm. Therefore, showing the existence of a dangerous situation is insufficient if the plaintiff cannot show that the dangerous state caused their injury.

It’s also worth noting that worker’s compensation rules can severely limit and constrain legal options for accident sufferers who are on the job.

If you or your loved one has suffered an injury as a result of a scaffolding accident, you can get in touch with a New York construction accident lawyer to help you. They are experienced and have the legal expertise to deal with cases like these.

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