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What You Should Do After A Dog Bite

A dog bite is unpleasant, hazardous, and causes dread in humans. According to reports, 20,000 people in India die yearly from rabies brought on by dog bites. The fact that 36% of rabies deaths worldwide occur yearly in our nation is concerning. Sadly, youngsters who attack sick dogs make up the majority of victims.

Surprisingly, a human has a higher chance of getting bitten by a dog they know than a stray dog! In other words, a dog bite might happen when you least suspect it, and you probably couldn’t do much to avoid it.

Crucial Steps Should Be Taken in The Event of a Dog Bite

According to experts, the following general but crucial steps should be taken in the event of a dog bite:

  • Gently wash the bite wound using water and soap.
  • Dry it off gently.
  • Put pressure on it if it is flowing to halt the bleeding.
  • Cover the wound with a sterile bandage.
  • Bring the injured area’s level of relief above that of the heart. This aids in reducing swelling and wards against infection.
  • daily use of antibiotics

A doctor must be seen immediately if the dog bite incision is vast, deep, and gaping.

  • If you have any illnesses that lower your immunity, such as diabetes, cancer, or AIDS,
  • Putting pressure on the wound for 15 minutes if the bleeding has not ceased
  • If a dog bite causes nerve or muscle damage
  • If you haven’t received a tetanus shot within the last five years,
  • If a stray dog or perhaps an unfamiliar dog bites you.

Potential Side Effects of Dog Bites

Each year, hundreds of dog bites are recorded across the nation. Most of these wounds are minor and don’t need much medical attention. More commonly than adults, children get dog bites. If a dog has bitten you or a loved one, there could be severe repercussions. The following are some of the concerns that could lead to infections from dog bites or other severe problems:

  • A massive, vicious dog bite can seriously harm a person’s appearance. Given the potential severity of the attack, extensive deformity and scarring may result. Even though it happens infrequently, there have been incidences when dogs have bit off the limbs of young children across the nation. Scarring that may last a lifetime can result from scratches or dog bites to the face.
  • Acute brain inflammation is a symptom of the disease rabies. Warm-blooded animals are affected by this disease. The majority of pet dogs have received rabies vaccinations; however, if you are bitten or injured by a street dog, which is less likely to have received a local vaccination, you should seek medical attention right away. Rabies is almost always lethal since the body begins to exhibit the same symptoms.
  • Sepsis: Blood poisoning is the common name for this uncommon complication brought on by a dog bite wound. It is an irritation of the area affected that has the potential to be lethal and can result in significant complications. Sepsis symptoms include a high fever, rapid heartbeat, and low blood pressure. In milder situations, antibiotics can be used to treat it, but if the disease has progressed, it could become fatal.
  • Infection of the membrane that covers the brain stem and the wall of the brain is known as meningitis. Meningitis can occasionally be fatal due to inflammation surrounding some of the most vital bodily parts. The person bitten by the dog could acquire meningitis from bacteria or viruses in the dog’s saliva.

The foremost priority should be preserving your life, the life of a loved one you care about, or the life of your pet if a dog is aggressively attacking you. To be safe, you might need to confront a violent dog physically or use a citrus spray.

Other than this, if people are responsible for attacking you with their dog, then always feel free to contact a New York personal injury attorney for a consultation.

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