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Slip and Fall Attorney

What to Do After a Fall?

Have you ever been gravely wounded in a sliding, stumbling, or falling incident in New York? If so, contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer because you may be eligible for damages if a landowner’s carelessness triggered your accident.

Employees who are harmed in slipping and falling accidents may also demand damages for their injuries.

Harmful problems such as broken flooring, sloppy steps, trip hazards, and unsecured fences seem to spring up like plants on a neglected home.

If the situation worsens, locals and tourists to the building are in danger of catastrophic injury in an NYC slip and fall injury case. When an incident happens, wounded people require the immediate assistance of experienced attorneys in NYC.

What is a Slip and Fall Injury Incident?

Any harm incurred in an accidental slip by one individual on someone else’s territory is referred to as a Slip and Slide Injury. Slides and tumbles are so named because several occur when people lose their balance on slick floors.

A Slip and Fall, on the other hand, could be any avoidable collapse that occurs as a result of a harmful land situation, like when someone stumbles and is injured as a result of:

  • Uneven flooring; damaged or cracked tile floors, planks, or rugs, especially on stairwells.
  • Flooring that has been cleaned or varnished lately.
  • Fluid spills, oil, or grease that hasn’t been swept away
  • Icy pavements that haven’t been treated adequately.
  • Staircases that aren’t built correctly or aren’t well illuminated.
  • Items or copper wiring that have been strewn around sidewalks.
  • Parking areas with holes.
  • Garbage or debris on floors.
  • Switches from one kind or grade of floor to another that aren’t identified.
  • Handrails that are damaged, missing, or removed.

What to Do After a Fall in New York City?

Get Medical Treatment Without a delay

Always visit the doctor first. It’s critical to follow your doctor’s effective treatments. When you do not follow a doctor’s orders, the other party in a lawsuit may allege that you were not injured.

Report the Accident

When you fall at a workplace, notify the management of your injuries. You may request a duplicate of the incident report too. If the cops were called, find out how to acquire a copy of the report.

Gather Evidence if You Can

Take photographs of the circumstances that led to your incident. Take broad photos of the area containing the danger, for instance, to illustrate that no danger signs were present.

Preserve the Evidence

Do not launder the clothing in any manner. Any stains, filth, or bleeding on the garments might indicate the severity of your accident.

Meet with a Lawyer Immediately

Following a slip-and-fall accident in New York, professional attorneys who handle slip-and-fall lawsuits may be pretty helpful. A knowledgeable lawyer can offer you a complimentary first appointment and an initial assessment of your situation. Such lawyers can assist you in avoiding errors that might stop you from receiving the money you are entitled to.

Call to Action

Now is the time to consult the NYC Injury Legal Firm for thorough legal advice in a Slip and Fall case. You may commence a live chat with one of their agents, email the information using their Contact page, or give them a call. Please don’t delay it!

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