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Top 5 Workers Compensation Claims You Should Know

Workplaces like factories and construction sites are often prone to mishaps like slips, machinery injuries, fire injuries, and more. We looked at the recorded statistics by officials and found that umpteen workers suffer personal harm while working at such places. Sometimes, the workers do not know about the claims on which they have a legal right. Thus, our concerned workers’ compensation lawyer NYC at NYC Injury Attorneys P.C. has tried to draft an article intended to create awareness among all such workers about their legal rights.

The top five claims regarding workman compensation are as below.

  • Strains- These are nearly 30% of the claims in this sphere where the tendon or muscle of a worker gets stretched or torn due to any activity. Lifting, pushing, pulling, loading, and similar tasks involving the movement of limbs can result in strains. Strains can decrease the productivity and efficiency of a person which may in turn affect the earning capacity. If you have suffered such injuries, call our certified and knowledgeable lawyer to get the documentation done properly and file claims for you.
  • Contusions- Almost 21% of workmen’s compensation claims are about contusions that are bruised occurring afterslip & a fall. Their coverage may or may not fall under compensation schemes because they might not be very problematic. However, if the situation gets aggravated and the worker is in unbearable pain, it might call for legal action. Contact our qualified workers’ compensation lawyer NYC at NYC Injury Attorneys P.C. to know about the local laws and applicable action.
  • Lacerations- 11% of cases under this broader head of compensatory claims for workers are about lacerations. The National Safety Council’s Safety & Health says that lacerations are often the results of using wrong or worn-out tools. Working on faulty machines or without safety gears can also induce lacerations. Even confined spaces or poor lighting can invite such personal injuries at work. Take help from a committed law firm like NYC Injury Attorneys P.C. to promote workplace safety and fulfill claims.
  • Sprains- The difference between a sprain and strain is that a strain is about a damaged tissue connecting a bone and a muscle, while a sprain is a torn tissue connecting two bones. Studies report about 9% of sprains come under workmen compensation claims. The term of rest, loss of wages, and extent of medical expenses will vary from case to case. Consulting keen and informed attorneys like ours will help in expediting the legal formalities and avail of the eligible claim.
  • Punctures- Around 5.5% of the total cases of workers’ personal injuries and claims are related to punctures. Here also the wounds are the results of using sharp objects, faulty machines, and missing out on safety equipment. However, a laceration is different because it also involves bacterial growth and infection harm. But, even punctures are liable for compensation to the affected employees. Our proficient lawyers placed at NYC Injury Attorneys P.C. have taken such cases and gained success in claiming damages also.

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