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Stats/Facts About Slip and Falls

Slip and fall incidents are among the most prevalent causes of accidents in New York City and around the country. Many individuals do not consider the hazards of slip and fall incidents and the damage that create until it impacts themselves or their household.

Most individuals are also unaware of how expensive a slip and fall mishap can sometimes be. Dealing with a skilled Slip and Fall NYC Attorney company is the ideal approach for people who have been hurt in a slip and fall incident.

Here are some slip and fall facts presented by the lawyers of our law firm that show the gravity of these sorts of incidents in today’s law.

1. Every year, almost one-third of individuals over the age of 65 fall.

The elder you become, the further probable it is that you will fall, and the more catastrophic your slip and fall incident will be.

In reality, slips and falls are the leading cause of work-related accidents among persons over the age of 55. Furthermore, more than 60% of nursing home patients collapse at least yearly.

2. The most prevalent cause of brain damage is a fall.

Although most people relate brain injuries with team sports, the most popular form to sustain a brain injury is through a fall. Head trauma could be fatal since the person may be unaware of the depth of their damage.

3. Every year, over one million individuals visit the emergency department due to a slip and fall mishap

Every year, over one million people require emergency medical maintenance as a result of a slip and fall. This equates to almost 2,000 individuals every day in the United States exclusively.

Every year, nearly eight million people visit the emergency department as a result of a fall. Slip and fall incidents account for around 12% of those accidents.

4. The most prevalent cause of bone fractures is a fall.

A staggering 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls. Hip fractures frequently necessitate extensive surgery. A hip fracture may damage your life forever in a heartbeat by causing pain, anguish, and reduced movement.

5. A slip and fall usually costs between $30,000 and $40,000.

The average hospital cost of a slip and fall, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is much more than $30,000.

According to another estimate, the estimated price of a winter weather slip and fall injury is somewhere between $33,000 to $48,000. Such expenditures not only destroy lives but also increase insurance prices, which have a burden on our whole community.

How an NYC Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help You?

Once you are injured in a slip and fall, a competent accident lawyer will assist you in determining the worth of your complaint and bringing the proper recovery procedure.

Attorneys can assist you in preparing your lawsuit in such a manner that the other party is held liable for your damages as well as other damages.

An attorney may also assist you in evaluating the weaknesses and strengths of your claim and developing a plan to secure the best possible consequence.


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