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Safety Tips for Driving Near Semi-Trucks

Commercial truck and commuter automobile accidents could be catastrophic. Because of the weight and volume of a large semi-truck, such sorts of incidents often cause severe harm or death.

The lawyers at Truck Accident Attorney NYC are ready to assist once you’ve been hurt in a truck collision. We have assisted numerous survivors of heavy vehicle accidents in obtaining the reimbursement they are entitled to after experiencing a life-altering accident.

Our law firm’s lawyers have suggested the below safety guidelines to assist you in driving carefully around commercial trucks:

1. Wear Your Seat Belts

Safety belts are legally required in New York City for all the front seating passengers and occupants below the age of 16.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wearing seat belts can safeguard you in the case of a vehicle collision and is among the most significant steps that can be taken to decrease your risk of serious injury.

2. Adjust Your Headlights

Remember that your brightness may dazzle a trucker if they shine off the vehicle’s giant reflectors. The intense flash from your vehicle’s headlights could impede the trucker’s ability to maneuver the truck securely.

As a result, if you notice an oncoming truck and perhaps another automobile near you on the roadway or a highway, you have to decrease your vehicle’s high lights immediately.

3. Always Use Your Signals

Commercial trucks are taller and broader than the majority of other vehicular traffic. Such trucks take extra space and time to navigate around gridlock due to their size.

When going around a truck and trailer, always use your signal lights when the lane changes around particular trucks.

4. Steer Clear of Blind Spots

A commercial truck often has more prominent blind spots which obstruct more territory than a passenger car. It can render seeing an oncoming vehicle considerably more challenging for a trucker.

Avoiding the following places while traveling around a commercial truck is highly recommended by our legal attorney:

  • Two lanes wider to the truck’s side
  • 30-feet behind the truck
  • 20-feet ahead of the truck

5. Avoid Distractions

Diversions when driving pulls your hands off the wheel and your ability to operate your car, placing everybody on the street at risk. When commuting, you must constantly keep your eyes on the road and away from distractions such like:

  • Adjusting the car’s radio
  • Using a GPS or other electronic devices
  • Eating
  • Texting
  • Having long-lasting conversations with passengers
  • Making phone calls

Contact Truck Accident Attorney NYC

Survivors of a truck accident may sustain severe damage, which may end in death or disability. As a result, you must take precautions while driving nearby a semi-truck on the freeway.

Call our legal firm when you or somebody you care about has been harmed in a truck accident. Our truck accident attorneys have extensive experience assisting truck incidents injurers in recovering their reimbursement for healthcare bills, lost income, and suffering and pain.

A lawyer will look into your claims to see whether you have a lawsuit against a careless trucker. Our firm offers you a complimentary, no-obligation appointment for your assistance.

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