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Most Common Causes of Construction Accidents in NYC

New York City is entitled to many of the world’s most famous skylines due to the quantity of development that occurs every day—particularly during the city’s current “building boom.” Unfortunately, the construction sector has become New York’s most dangerous employment due to the surge.

Construction accidents may seem normal, but new studies indicate that worksite injuries in New York City are hazardous. Construction sites are unsafe to anybody who comes into contact with them, whether they are employees, tourists, or bystanders.

New York City Construction Lawyers may be of tremendous assistance if you have been involved in a construction accident or its aftermath. Here’s all you need to learn about construction injuries in New York, including the most recent accident data, your privileges as a victim of an accident, and what to do if you’re hurt.

The Most Common Construction Incidents and Their Causes:

Even though safety rules are in place to safeguard construction workers, safety breaches are frequent. Failure to adhere to established safety standards is a leading cause of construction accidents and fatalities. As per OSHA, the four most frequent causes of construction worker deaths are known as the fatal four.

  1. Falls:

Sadly, falls are too frequent among the city’s construction workers, accounting for almost 40% of all worksite injuries. It’s hardly unexpected, given that employees are often heisted up large buildings on scaffolding and ladders since falls are always a danger. To minimize these hazards, employees must constantly be adequately educated and provided with the necessary safety equipment.

  1. Electrocution:

Electrocution is also one of the top four main causes of deadly construction site accidents. In reality, electrocuted employees account for 8% of all workplace deaths. Any worker on a construction site may be electrocuted, but power-line installers, electricians, builders, plumbers, and carpenters are in greater danger. The proportion of workers who have been electrocuted has decreased in recent years. It is due, in part, to improved safety procedures and an improvement in personal safety equipment used on construction sites. 

  1. Being Hit By An Object:

Falling items on building sites represent a significant danger to both employees and passersby on the road, accounting for slightly over 8% of construction-related injuries. Because of the tremendous amount of force gained while falling from an elevated height, even tiny items falling from the top of the highest structure may cause severe damage or death.

  1. Caught in/ between:

Construction workers are trapped in or squeezed by machinery or items caught in/between incidents. Workers trapped, captured, or hit by falling buildings, machinery, or other heavy items are also included in this category. According to OSHA, caught-in/between incidents account for 5.5 percent of workplace deaths.

Unfortunately, many New York City construction sites regularly have circumstances that contribute to the kinds of construction mishaps connected with the “Fatal Four,” with severe injuries to employees as a result. Employers, managers, and property owners that prioritize safety may significantly limit the number of incidents. Regrettably, this isn’t happening at the pace it should.

Construction job injuries may also be caused by a variety of reasons, including:

  • The ladder collapses
  • Inconsistent walking surface
  • Simple hand tools
  • Vehicles
  • Failure of construction equipment

Injuries Caused by New York City Construction Accidents:

Injuries suffered on construction sites may range from small, such as a broken nail, to more severe, such as a concussion, or as bad as a spinal cord injury. The following are examples of common injuries:

  • Bone fractures
  • Joint ailment
  • Burns
  • Brain or head traumas (concussion)
  • Electrocutions
  • Damage to the eyes
  • Injuries to the neck, shoulders, or back

Remember that even small-appearing injuries may turn out to be more severe than the sufferer first believed. Therefore, it is critical to notify even minor occurrences as soon as possible.

Seeking a Construction Lawsuit:

You may have grounds for a personal injury claim, a worker’s compensation claim, or both, based on the circumstances of your injury.

  • Personal Injury Lawsuits:

Personal injury lawsuits are brought when another person’s carelessness or wrongdoing causes damage to an individual. Several states have a limitation period of 2-3 years, which means you have 2-3 years from the date of harm to file a claim.

The vast majority of personal injury lawsuits are resolved out of court. Having excellent legal representation will help you establish a solid claim. The procedure will most likely involve examining medical records, calculating medical costs and lost earnings, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing additional harm caused by the construction accident.

If the accused in your case is found to be responsible for your damage, the jury will determine. In most instances, you will seek compensatory damages to compensate you for your loss. On the other hand, punitive damages may be given in excess if the judge finds the defendant’s carelessness to be deliberate or purposefully cruel.

Compensatory damages encompass a variety of costs, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Ambulance expenses
  • Future medical expenses

Workers’ Compensation in New York:

Worker’s Compensation is a stipend provided by the government to assist with medical costs incurred due to your accident. Your eligibility for worker’s Compensation is entirely significant due to the reality that you were harmed at work. It implies that you should not hesitate to submit a claim regardless of whether you are at blame for your injuries.

  • Unjust Death:

A wrongful death claim may be filed in the sad event that a beloved one or beneficiary is killed on a building site. If the building firm is determined to be at fault for the death, the dead person’s family is given monetary Compensation. Because no family deserves to go through such adversity, this kind of Compensation is often greater than other types of personal injury settlements.

What Construction Accident Lawyers in New York City Can Do for You:

Construction employees may be familiar with construction sites, but it does not guarantee they are prepared if an accident occurs. A personal injury lawsuit entails much work, from reporting the accident on time to gathering the required information to establish what occurred.

Naturally, construction firms will do everything legally possible to avoid compensating employees for construction site injuries, so it may be worthwhile to seek the assistance of an expert attorney who can guide you through the procedure. A workplace personal injury lawyer, such as, can guide you through the legal procedure, gather facts, interview witnesses, and more to ensure you have all you need to present your version of events properly.

If you suffered construction-related injuries in New York City, this might be your first time going through this procedure; it may be beneficial to seek the assistance of someone who has gone through it before.

New York City Construction Lawyers are available to guide you. You can get in touch for a free consultation.

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