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Here Is How to Know if your Case is Civil or Criminal

Civil and criminal cases form the basis of the judiciary. But do you know the jurisdiction of your case? Is it civil or criminal? The State brings two broad classes on how it affects an individual or the community. Civil cases usually involve a business or an individual, while criminal cases affect society.

Regardless of the nature of your case, you will have to hire a lawyer for the best. Pick the best  NYC personal injury lawyer to have the assurance of justice served in one go without hassles!

Civil Cases Vs. Criminal Cases

Civil and criminal cases are two broad classifications of the judiciary system. In a gist, you can segregate them based on the following:

Who is affected?

Criminal law is often an offense against the State, an individual, or the general public. A criminal case has implications for the entire society, while civil law primarily affects two parties.

Representation angle!

If your is a criminal case, you are entitled to an attorney, unlike a civil suit. Criminal cases need representation, while in civil cases, you can represent yourself before the court.


The punishment for both cases varies, as does the nature of the crime and offense. Civil penalties have monetary compensations. Criminal sentences are intense, involving cash, imprisonment, or death.


A criminal case defendant can seek considerable protection. The fourth amendment protects against illegal search and seizure, and the fifth protects against compelled self-incrimination. A civil case does not have such perks.

Standard of proof

The standard of proof in need by the criminal case is way too deep than the civil lawsuit. Civil issues are easy to prove and need lesser evidence than criminal ones. The reason is the extent of blame and crime in civil and criminal cases.

Civil And Criminal Cases – Do They Cross Paths?

Although rare, some cases come under both criminal and civil cases. Is yours one such? Compare the nature of the crime and look for the affected party. If there is both a personal/individual and a society angle involved – you need a law firm that excels in both cases.

For example, a sexual harassment case where the accused has a charge of assault/battery in the past. It may also be a homicide with the sue of wrongful death claim. In all such cases, both are considered simultaneously according to the degree of the crime.

Cases And Lawyers

If you or your beloved requires lawyers, pick them wisely. Look for the experience, expertise, reviews, cost, professionalism, and transparency of the law firms. It helps you have the best in hand. Pick them for your needs and ensure they have had similar cases before.

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