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Facts about Construction Accidents in New York

A construction worker’s job is one of the most dangerous in New York City. The Department of Buildings records construction-related injuries and deaths. In 2017, 761 construction workers were injured at New York City working sites. This was a 13% rise over the previous year’s reported number of construction injuries.

As per Bureau of Labor Statistics data, injuries and deaths on New York City construction sites remain a problem. This is true, despite New York’s rigorous labor laws designed to keep construction workers as safe as possible.

Why are so many construction workers in New York City injured on the job? Why are job sites dangerous despite strong state and federal safety rules?

While a thriving building sector benefits the whole New York economy, it comes at a steep cost. To minimize construction accident injuries, it’s critical to understand why NYC construction accidents are on the rise.

However, you can contact an attorney from different law firms that can help you win your case.

What Causes Accidents in Construction?

Construction accidents in New York City decreased shortly following the 2008 crane fall; however, this was attributed mostly to the recession. However, development in Additional York City has increased by 300 percent since 2009, with 88 million square feet of new building space built in 2015, according to the DOB.

Since 2009, the number of construction-related injuries and fatalities has increased. There is more employment but also more danger for construction workers. According to a DOB official, the bureau is recruiting one hundred extra inspectors. That may be useful.

Below are some instances of typical transgressions that lead to construction site accidents:

  • Failing to effectively train employees
  • Failing to alert employees of recognized risks
  • Insufficient scaffolding, guard rails, or steps
  • Inadequate safeguards against electrical equipment and wiring
  • Failing to keep a hazard-free workplace
  • Inadequate usage or neglect to employ safety equipment

A construction-related accident can be devastating or even permanently crippling, and it will also be legally problematic. The construction industry in New York City is governed by a patchwork of often-confusing state and federal laws, local ordinances and regulations, and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations, so it’s an understatement to say that personal injury cases resulting from construction accidents in the five boroughs are complicated.

Lawyers for Construction Accidents in New York

For more than a century, the committed attorneys at New York Construction Accident Lawyers have fought for the rights of New Yorkers.

Whether you and a family member have been injured in a catastrophic construction accident or any sort of personal injury, you deserve justice and may be entitled to benefits. Our lawyers look at the specifics of your circumstance to see if you have a case. Call us for more information for a no-obligation consultation.

Our lawyers at NYC Injury Attorneys P.C. can carefully examine each case to establish any carelessness or reckless choices that resulted in harmful circumstances on a building site.

If our lawyer discovers any negligence on the part of a contractor or building owner, we vow to offer you competent legal advice and will fight tirelessly to show their carelessness.

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