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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Car Accident Report

Every accident involves a report by the officer enforcing the law. It often involves the elements of the crash, the details, statements of the witnesses and the affected, evidence, and more.

It is the basis for the lawyers to proceed with the case and prove the guilty. Insurance companies rely on and need the report to justify the accident and proceed with the claims.

Hence, if you ever involve yourself or someone close in an accident, you need to claim a report. Know all about it and ensure you have it with proper documentation to suffice the attorney and the agent.

How To Get The Police Report?

You can obtain a copy of your police report smoothly. There are two ways to get it. One comes with a fee, while the other does not cost you any money. Regardless of the method, the report will take a week to prepare.

Using Cash Receipt

When you get into an accident, and the police arrive, you can request an accident report. The police officer preparing it will give you a cash receipt. It will usually have the identification number on it by paying a small amount. It is vital for you and the lawyer representing your case. After a week or so, you can go to the police station, share your identification number for the accident and claim the report.

The No Receipt Method

Sometimes you may be unable to ask for the cash receipt, forget about it, or never come across the police officer making the report. In such cases, to gather information before approaching the law firm, you can directly call the police station and seek the statement. Call the traffic division and give a few details. The date, time, accident place, and your name will let them find the document. Talk to your insurance provider for the report to acquire it without a fee.

Why Do You Need A Copy?

One may feel that with a record present, keeping a copy is futile. The following are the reasons why you must keep a copy:

  • It offers information about others involved to you, your insurance provider, and your attorneys.
  • It may hold the key evidence as statements, pictures, clips, and more to prove your innocence.
  • It has the details but also holds what it follows, according to the police investigative officer.
  • It has statements and analyses having legal liability before the court for claim settlements and proving innocence.
  • It indicates and holds for the law the extent of injuries and damage at the actual accident space.

Why Car Accident Lawyers?

Choosing from the best law firms is your right. They have experience and can help you find justice and fight for your claims. With them, you are sure to receive every penny you deserve.

Choose firms like the NYC Car Accident Lawyer to have the best in hand for your injury. To them, cases are not just about winning or losing. It is all about attaining the utmost client satisfaction with settlements and righteousness.


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