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Everything To Know about the History of New York City Pizza

When you think of pizza, New York City is probably the first place that comes to mind. The city’s signature pizza, which was introduced by immigrants from Naples, Italy in the early 20th century, has become a global phenomenon.

What makes New York City pizza so special? The answer is simple: It’s all about the crust, which is made in a wood-burning oven. New York City pizza is one of the most famous and beloved foods on the planet. But what exactly makes it so good?

The Wood-burning Oven Crust

It’s all about the crust, which is made in a wood-burning oven. New York City pizza is famous for its thin, crispy crusts that are not too thick and chewy — they’re thin enough to pick up a slice and eat it with your hands. The cheese and toppings also help make this pie so delicious.

The Rich History of NYC Pizza

The first pizzeria in New York City opened in 1905 on East 42nd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. The owners were from Naples, Italy and had learned how to make pizza from their families back home. Upon their arrival in America, they brought with them their knowledge of how to make quality pizzas — which were often sold out of hand-rolled carts — and began selling them around the neighborhood for 25 cents each (about $1 today).

New York City pizza has been around since 1905 when Gennaro Lombardi invented his own recipe for making pizza at his restaurant in Little Italy called “John’s Pizzeria.” He served it hot from an open coal oven on wooden tables out front of his restaurant.

After serving thousands of people over several years, Gennaro Lombardi realized that he needed something else besides just using coal for heating up his pizzas in order to get them crispy enough to eat without having to wait too long before eating them! So he went into business selling coal briquettes so people could cook their own pizzas at home.

New York City Restaurants and Their Place in New York’s Economy

NYC restaurants, in general, are celebrated for their innovation and world-class cuisines, even though they don’t provide the most authentic experience – and who can blame them? Restaurants are, in fact, one of the biggest exports of New York City – something people from all over the world pay a lot just to have their meals.

Needless to say, NYC restaurants are critical fuel for driving the city’s economy.

Apart from being a bread-earner for the city, the restaurants also act as a tourist attraction.

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