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Dog Bite Laws in NYC

New York is a state that is known for its strict governance. A person living here should have better knowledge about its rules and regulations. This brings us to the dog bite laws in New York. Understanding these laws while living in this state is very important to know what to do if your dog has bitten someone or a dog has bitten you.

What Are the Dog Bite Laws in New York?

A person who gets to know about the New York dog bite laws might find them difficult to understand. This is why we have explained them in the simplest way below.

Strict Liability for Medical Cost of Dangerous Dogs

The New York biting regulations make the dog owner accountable for the victim’s medical expenses if their dog bites them. The victim must demonstrate that the dog is hazardous in this case. Now the question is, which dog is dangerous? A hazardous dog is any dog that poses a substantial or unreasonable threat to any animal or person, which can result in personal injury. The type of injury determines the cost. In this instance, an NYC personal injury lawyer might be contacted to help with the litigation.

Penalties for Crime

Dog bite laws in New York City also impose criminal punishment on dog owners. However, certain requirements must be followed for a person to be charged with it. The first is when an owner irresponsibly allows his dog to bite a human. The second is when a dog that has previously been deemed dangerous escapes and causes serious injury to a person by biting. A fatal injury occurs as a result of a serious injury. If the aforementioned conditions are met, the dog owner is liable for the penalty charges.

Landlord Responsibility

In rare situations, New York’s dog bite laws hold a landlord accountable for the harm caused by a dog. When a person is injured by a tenant’s dog and the victim establishes that the landlord knew two facts at the time of leasing, the landlord is held accountable.

  • The presence of a dog
  • The dog’s proclivity to bite without provocation


Negligence is a very crucial factor in the success of the prosecutor in the dog bite case. No compensation is given on the grounds of negligence. In this case, if it is a vicious propensity, then the prosecutor has to prove that the dog owner already knew about it for a successful lawsuit.

Why Do You Need Dog Bite Lawyers and Attorneys?

Dogs are playful animals but still possess the threat of biting people. This thing often lands the dog owner in a legal proceeding, and for that, you need a good legal representation. Not just for this, but you need a lawyer when you’ve been bitten by someone’s dog. Many law firms and defense attorneys play a vital role in the success of the dog bite case. You should also contact one when stuck in such a case.

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