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NYC Truck Accident Lawyer

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Many drivers’ hearts may race a touch quicker when they share the path with large trucks and for a great cause.

Due to their enormous size, weighing (up to 80,000 lbs), driving expertise, combined with the regrettable incidence of weariness and driver attention, semi-trucks pose an elevated risk to other vehicles.

Truck accidents frequently impose deadly victims with wounds, damage to property, and mental anguish. Consider contacting an NYC Truck Accident Attorney if you’ve been recently involved in a truck accident somewhere in NYC. The experienced attorneys are there to provide you with all the help you need with potential legalities.

Types of the Truck crash in the New York City

The following are examples of truck accidents occurring in NYC and the surrounding areas:

Head-on crashes

Drivers who tend to lose their driving control due to weariness, alcohol or drug impairment, or diversions may veer into moving traffic, resulting in a dangerous head-on accident.


When a trucker loses hold of his truck, a rollover incident happens. If the truck driver too quickly through bends, top-heavy vehicles like cement dump trucks, trash trucks are particularly susceptible to collisions.

Load Spilling

When drivers deliver products across a county or the state, shipping companies and the associated workers frequently equip trucks. Workers in the shipping industry should properly fasten cargo not to move while the vehicle is on the road. Otherwise, the load may spill and cause a severe accident.

What are Common Causes of Truck Accidents in NYC?

The following are among the principal reasons for serious truck accidents that could result in a personal injury case, prompting you to consult an attorney for legal advice.

Fatigued Driving

Truckers work extremely hard and have strict deadlines, and most are required to travel at an unusual time to ensure collection and delivery deadlines, resulting in driving weariness. This often leads to fatal accidents.

Distracted Driving

Every action that diverts a driver’s attention, sight, or arms from the work environment might result in a severe and perhaps deadly truck accident. According to federal regulation, truck drivers cannot use mobile phones until they utilize a hands-free gadget and start a call via a swipe or a single touch.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Owner-operators and truck firms are required by law to check and ensure better upkeep of their vehicles to keep them fit for purpose. When truckers fail to perform appropriate truck upkeep or address recognized problems promptly, serious accidents occur.

Blind spots

Big rigs come with many blind spots, and most of them don’t have rearview mirrors, which might aid with sight. That necessitates standard precautions in using hood-mounted and side mirrors to remove such areas.

Defective Truck Parts

A truck collision may happen whenever a truck encounters a technical breakdown due to a faulty truck part. Defective vehicles or vehicle components can lead to driving problems, braking malfunction, and tire ejections.

Call to Action!

Suppose you or a close-one was injured as a driver in another vehicle or as a  passenger, a bystander in an NYC-area truck accident. In that case, you may be entitled to a considerable reimbursement for your wounds and damages.

Do not put off seeking a professional and dedicated law firm. For a no-obligation, accessible, and private case review, contact the experienced NYC truck accident injury lawyers immediately.