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Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents


Each year, about eight million people visit the emergency department due to falls. Slip and fall incidents account for around 12% of all falls. So, these cases are more common than you might be thinking. If you have or either your loved one has gone through such trauma, NYC Injury lawyers are there for your assistance.

Slip and fall attorney at NYC injury lawyers are quite competent and highly skilled in this regard. Our attorneys will help you at every step of the process and help you win the case in a legal way.

In this article, however, we will be discussing the most common causes of slip and fall accidents.

Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are so many causes of slip and fall accidents that we are not sure you can count on your hand, however, in this article we have listed down five of the most common such causes which our attorneys have to look at frequently.

  1. When the surface is either wet or uneven. Hazardous walking surfaces are responsible for 55 percent of all slip and fall injuries, as per the National Floor Safety Institute. STFs most commonly result in sprains, strains, dislocations, and rips, according to a review of workers’ compensation injury claims from acute care hospitals. Furthermore, STFs were substantially more likely than other forms of falls to result in fractures and numerous injuries. Wet or uneven surfaces caused the majority of the falls.
  2. When the slip and fall accident is caused due to weather conditions. Potentially dangerous weather conditions such as rain, ice, as well as snow cause many outdoor slips and fall accidents. In wet or icy weather, in obscurity, when moving on uneven surfaces, when cables or things are left on the floor, and when we’re hurried or not paying enough attention to our environment, slips, trips, and falls are more common. Any of these factors raises the likelihood of an injury.
  3. When such accidents happen due to improper training given to workers at a workplace. In the workplace, many slip and fall incidents occur. Workers in several industries, particularly those in manufacturing and construction, may be required to spend a significant amount of time walking on slippery surfaces or tight passageways. Employers that fail to provide adequate on-the-job training to their employees may be held liable in the event of a slip and fall.
  4. When old age people slip and fall due to negligence they face at the hand of their caretakers. People’s sense of proportion disintegrates as they age. Many seniors are at a higher risk of falling, and if they do, they’re more prone to suffer a life-threatening condition like a hip fracture. Slip and fall incidents are considerably more frequent when nursing home managers and aides fail to adequately supervise and support their inhabitants.
  5. When the footwear you are wearing is not appropriate for the situation. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, footwear is to blame for 24 percent of slip and fall incidents.  People can slip and fall at home, in public, or at work if their footwear or work boots don’t have enough grip.

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