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Slip and Fall Attorney New York City

Biggest Slip and Fall Hazards to Avoid

If you slip and fall on a work-related scaffold or ladder, you may be entitled to compensation. Workplace injuries can be prevented by following these simple rules:

  1. Always wear proper shoes.
  2. Use ladders that are properly maintained by the employer.
  3. Do not climb on top of a ladder, scaffold, or trestle with your hands or feet unsupported.
  4. Check for loose handholds before climbing.
  5. Secure any loose materials in the working area before beginning construction or maintenance operations.

Did you know that a woman in LA received a compensation of $13 million when she slipped on a wet surface while shopping at a Lowe’s Home Center? There were no warning cones for wet surfaces directly around the hazardous condition. This type of negligence is the primary reason why consumers get into slip and fall accidents on commercial property.

Biggest Slip and Fall Accident Hazards

Wet and uneven surfaces account for over half the slip and fall accidents filed in the US. Whenever around a wet or uneven surface, take extra precautions. Loose floorboards are also a huge slip and fall accident hazard.

Generally, however, there are no definite hazards. Slip and fall accidents happen in the unlikeliest of places and under extreme circumstances as well. Still, pay special attention to personal safety around spilling, water, ice, snow, rain, damaged property, ladders, and so on.

What commonly happens in a slip and fall accident is that you hit your head or neck on the ground, leading to injuries ranging from minor sprains to head trauma. Traumatic brain injury is a fairly common result of slip and fall accidents. They are also the most common aftermath of a car accident or other impact-related accidents.

Fighting a slip and fall case becomes increasingly difficult over time. The best bet is to approach a professional for legal help as soon as possible.

Whenever in doubt, hire a slip and fall lawyer New York City. A lawyer from a reputed law firm will help you do everything better – starting right from gathering evidence and collecting testimonies to arguing on your behalf and ensuring maximum compensation in court. Seasoned attorneys and law firms also specialize in negotiating with the other party out of the court. You’d be surprised to learn how often offending parties, especially corporations, wish to settle out of court.

Final Verdict

Slip and fall hazards sound simple and small – but can quickly take biblical proportions. Even the smallest slip and fall accident can become impossible to fight or put across rightly in court.

The professional help of an attorney is warranted in these cases, especially when the other party has competent lawyers on their side.

At NYC Injury Attorneys, we provide the widest and most comprehensive selection of attorneys specializing in local slip and fall cases, as well as other types of personal injury cases. Getting a slip and fall lawyer New York City from our law firm vs. other law firms can be the difference between a disappointing time in court and the maximum compensation alongside success.

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