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Benefits and Risks for Driving for Your Job

Commuting to work is frequently a preferred solution for most employees since many want to be in a personal zone, keep to their personal commitments, and feel more relaxed.

But what about the unwanted stress and pressure from your employer that leads you to a traffic accident? In case of that, a Work Injury Attorney NYC is there to save you.

If operating a motor vehicle is part of work and you are injured in a car crash while doing so, you could be eligible to workers’ compensation for the losses. According to our law firm, here are the Benefits and Risks for Driving for Your Job in New York City:


· Survivor Benefits

According to BLS information, work-related motor vehicle crashes can be deadly. When you’re the spouse of a deceased individual, you could be eligible for survivor benefits.

Salary reimbursement equivalent to two-thirds of your deceased loved one’s weekly average pay, up to the agency’s limit, is among the advantages.

When a dependent kid is a juvenile, a full-time learner, or being unable to earn due to a physical or psychological illness, he or she could be entitled to benefits as well. Thus, an attorney can be of so much significance to your claim.

· A Third-party or a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Another entity, including a motorist or an auto part maker, could be at least partially to blame for the accident. You could be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against this individual or business. You may be entitled to compensation for costs in excess of what your insurance reimburses.

You may well have a third-party complaint as well as a workers’ compensation lawsuit. When your company’s insurance offers you a cash payment settlement agreement, you must bring it to the DIA administration judges in your dispute, together with your personal injury claim.

The court could then examine the independent request while considering whether the single payment settlements proposal in your workers’ compensation lawsuit is reasonable to you.


· Crashing the Employer Vehicle

There is always a risk of this. Driving in an employer’s vehicle comes with greater possibilities of unwanted crash incidents, and this can potentially lead to you having to pay for the damages. But if you think you are not at the fault for such an incident, contact our legal team to show your case.

· Rash driving

In case of rash driving in an employer’s vehicle, a possible car crash is most likely to happen. Employer vehicles usually have trackers that help the company keep track of where their employees are commuting to. Therefore, in case an employee wrecks the vehicle due to rash driving, they are most likely to be found guilty.

Why Contact a Work Injury Attorney NYC?

If you or a loved one has been a part of a work driving accident in New York City, contacting our attorneys will only bring you good. It doesn’t matter whether you are at fault or not, you can still book a free appointment with our lawyers for a consultation.

Seeking the help of a professional will always bring you better alternatives. Not only will a skilled lawyer handle all the legal proceedings effectively, it will also most likely bring you the reimbursements you deserve!

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