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5 Most Common Workspace Injuries Qualified For Worker’s Compensation Claim

With workspace safety rules and regulations throughout the years, the number of workspace accidents has decreased significantly. However, the problem is still not completely mitigated. These injuries can occur due to a person’s negligence in following the safety protocol or any mechanical defects of the machinery they were working with.

As a rule, workplace injuries need to be addressed by the employer, and they are obliged to compensate the employee if the cause of the accident was involuntary. However, in some cases, employers deny compensating the employee, stating that the cause of the accident was the person himself. So, that is why an employee must take the assistance of an attorney while settling these cases.

If you have come across these situations, you should take the assistance of the NYC Workers Compensation Lawyer by your side throughout the process. Here are the five most common work-related injuries that are qualified for worker’s compensation claims.

Slip and Fall

Slips and falls are often not severe. However, depending on the fall, it can be severe sometimes. Serious slips and falls can result in temporary leave from the job or even the disability to work anymore. In these cases, the victim should approach a law firm that practices worker’s compensation to assist them throughout the process.

Exposure To Hazardous Substances

Suppose your work involves handling hazardous substances, and you are not provided with the appropriate gear and equipment to handle that substance. Then it can be considered sheer negligence of the employer. In these cases, if a person has been injured from these materials, they have the absolute right to sue the employer for their irresponsibility with the help of attorneys.

Defective Machinery

A workplace that involves heavy machinery is required to make a periodic evaluation of the safety of the machinery. The failure to do it can result in serious injury to the employees. In these cases, the employee can claim worker’s compensation, and they also have the right to file a lawsuit against the employer for his reckless behavior.

Falling Objects

One of the most common injuries inflicted on the employees is the falling objects. These types of injuries can be life-threatening depending on the weight and distance the object has fallen. In these cases, the victim or the family of the deceased will be able to claim the worker’s compensation. They also have the right to file a legal suit against the person responsible for the fall. However, filing a lawsuit will involve a thorough investigation. That is why they need to take the assistance of lawyers who have expertise in these cases.

Fire and Explosion

Fire and Explosion are not that uncommon. It can happen due to any technical defects or carelessness of another employee. The casualty of these accidents are highly serious and cause permanent damage to the victim. In these cases, the employer is bound to provide the worker’s compensation claim. However, to ensure that things go smoothly, one should always take assistance from experienced law firms.


Workplace injuries are not unique. It can happen to anyone. However, claiming a Worker’s Compensation is a lengthy and complex process since it not only involves the employer but also involves other organizations as well. If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence and irresponsibility, you should immediately approach the NYC Workers Compensation Lawyer to get your compensation in time and without any inconveniences.