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5 Facts You Need to Know About the Empire State Building

The tall-standing, 102-storied Empire State Building is an art of magnificence. It is the history that stands in midtown Manhattan, New York. Built from 1930 to 1930, within one year and 45 days, it derives its name from the famous nickname of New York, the “Empire State.” It is a commercial space with diversity and no residential zone. The Empire State Realty Trust owns the building and encompasses many lesser-known facts. Learn all about it and know the landmark that defines it as one of the best architecture in New York!

Facts About Empire State Building

The Doom of Profit Making!

With stock markets crashing in 1929 and other troubles, the Empire State Building had a rocky start. It did not start with making profits. Going into the deep lane of the Great Depression and only 25% of offices occupied, it had a long way to go. Wanting to set an illusion, the owners would keep the upper story lights on to showcase occupancy. Only post World War II did the business make a start.

The Title of Tallest!

The Empire state building is the tallest of its kind in its era. It was the tallest before the World Trade Center took over after 40 years. Being in the race to create the best masterpiece, the owners wished to add another 11 floors to the building. It was only due to structural difficulties and other reasons that they withdrew it to be in its current state.

Construction Record and Marvel!

This 102-floor building took the time of a year and 45 days to build. It was way before its deadline, making it a wonder. It took 3400 men, who worked day and night and successfully presented this elegant architecture. Even with the loss of five workers during construction, they ensured the project was completed on time and with a merit record. The construction style is splendid and speaks of its time!

An Awestruck Light Palette!

The lights installation first took place on the Empire State Building in 1964 with gel sheets. It took a total of 6 hours to light up the space completely. In 2012 came the introduction of LEDs with a unique and pompous color palette. Every color represented something different. The color of the Empire State Building soon became the representation of events and celebrations across New York!

The Unbreakable Records!

Not only is the building the first to construct so quickly and the tallest of its time, but also a space for multiple records. Paul Crake built a record for climbing to the top floor in 2003 in just 9 minutes and 33 seconds. This building is also the scenery for the movie King Kong. Being tall, it also acts as a lightning rod and receives hundreds of strikes in its spires.

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