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10 Facts About New York City You Should Know Before Visiting

New York, known as the “City of Dreams,” is a haven for visionaries, creatives, and businesspeople that come to the tropical paradise in the guise of opportunity. When you first step onto the discolored pavements of this beautiful city, glitter is thrown into your view as you glide through surreal storefronts on Park Avenue and turn hues in Central Park. There are a ton of recommendations for things to see, do, and eat in the Urban Jungle, but there are also helpful things to keep in mind before your plane lands at JFK airport.

Top 10 Facts

Here are the top 10 facts to remember before planning your journey to NYC.

1.      Give yourself extra time to travel

Most places in New York can be reached in twenty minutes, according to locals. Getting around should be simple, with many alternatives for yellow cabs, Uber cars, and subways.

2.      Steer clear of the metro car

The train reaches with passengers crowded together like sardines, but for one oddly empty car. Even though Residents will fill the other railcars, tourists will swarm to the vehicle, feeling they have found gold. When there is an empty car on a railway that is otherwise packed, it is empty for a purpose.

3.      Continue to stroll

Standing midway down a street to click a photo is one obvious way to annoy a New Yorker.

4.      Know how much to tip

When in a new city, the subject of tipping is never simple. In New York, gratuities are expected for all services, including cab drivers, wait staff, and bellhops. Generally, provide tips in restaurants between 15% and 20% of the total bill.

5.      East River Short trip

The East River Ferry is a great way to go around New York City while taking spectacular skyline pictures.

6.      Be aware of how to leave the airport

The two main airports serving New York City are LaGuardia and JFK Airport Terminal. As soon as you leave either airport, you have various options for traveling into the city core. Avoid using “gypsy taxis,” which are untrustworthy transportation services that overcharge tourists who are not paying attention.

7.      How to order a taxi in a city

In NYC, look for taxi roofs with their headlights on to hail one. A taxi is already full if the driver does not provide his light on. Likewise, a cab driver probably won’t stop for any passengers if his “Off Duty” lights are on.

8.      Spend less on travel

With the NYC Pass, you can visit many city sites without waiting in line and paying less for entrance. Getting a pass that enables you to avoid the lineups at popular attractions like the Empire State Building and the “Top of the Rock” Rockefeller Centre observatory is essential.

9.      View Times Square, and then move

The city’s major junction received its moniker after The NY Times offices moved there in 1904, making it a historic location. Times Square has changed throughout time from the unsavory reputation it had in the 1970s to the commercial hub it is now. A few things to remember when characterizing Times Square are crowded, hectic, brilliant, and expensive.

10.  Move past Manhattan

Rent in Manhattan is soaring. The average rent in the metropolis is now a stunning $3,415, including a recent report from Curbed New York! Due to rising rent, small businesses and owners of historic storefronts are now forced to close their doors or relocate to outlying areas. As New Yorkers move over the river towards the more inexpensive realm of rent, charming stores and excellent restaurants are springing up throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

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